VAC and Ayre, a Two-channel Audio System by drrsutliff

System in Adona rack
Room Size
14’ X 15’ x 8’ with treatments
System Overview
A balanced approach with tubes and solid state. A focus on vinyl but the digital can be special. Enjoyed everyday... almost done towards being my final system for the years to come.
Music Preferences
Acoustic, Classical, Jazz, classic Rock
Room Description
Dedicated room with bass traps and absorption on the walls. Window dormer provides space to place the rack well behind the speakers.
Acoustic Treatment
ATS panels behind speakers, seating, and at first reflection points. bass traps in corners.
Media Storage
IKEA expedit
Digital Source
Codex DAC, Logitech Touch EDO with Welborne power supply.
Analog Source
Origin Live Resolution Mk3-2 LSC, OL Illustrious mk3c, Ortofon Windfeld Ti
VAC Renaissance mkV with Phono
Power Amp
Ayre VX-5/20
Spendor D9
Speaker Cable
Luminous Synchestra Signature
Audience AU24 SX
Power Cables
Audience AU24 SE
Adona Eris 6DW with cherry trim
Power Cond
Audience a6R TSSD
Tuning and Tweaks
SMARTractor alignment
Other Components
VPI 16.5 RCM, Hickok USM118A Cardmatic