Main Listening System, a Two-channel Audio System by Scotlynn

Source Components
Room Size
15' x 24'
System Overview
Used solely for two channel playback in dedicated listen room.
Music Preferences
Classic 70's Rock, Blues, Ambient, Classical, Electroacoustic, Singer/Songwriter, Female Jazz Vocals, Alt Country
Room Description
Dedicated 15 foot by 24 foot listening room with vaulted ceiling and large skylight.
Acoustic Treatment
Acoustic panels on back and side walls behind and four feet out from rear wall.
Listening Impressions
Very enjoyable, versatile, and non-fatiguing system for both vinyl and digital playback.
Media Storage
Handbuilt wooded shelving for cds and albums. CDs stored in listening room, albums in both listening room and elsewhere in the house.
Digital Source
Sony ModWright XA-5400ES Ultimate Truth Mod, with Mullard Blackburn NOS 5AR4 in the power supply and a pair of Sophia Audio 6SN7's up top.
Analog Source
VPI Classic Signature with AT ART 9 cartridge, running through a Tavish Adagio preamp.
Emotive Sira with upgraded caps, RCA jacks and volume attenuator
Power Amp
Pair of Bob Carver Cherry 180's with Silver Eagle KT 88's, NOS RCA 12AT7s and EI 12AX7s
GTA3 Hybrid Electrostatics
Speaker Cable
Acoustic Zen Hologram II
Acoustic Zen Matrix II
Power Cables
A mix including AP Oval Tens on preamps, Pangaeas on the Hybrid's subwoofers
Power Cond