Poseidon's Voice HT, a Home Theater System by poseidonsvoice

System Overview
See Poseidon's Voice Shrine description for details of room, speakers, etc... Universal Remote system based on iPad, using iRule & Global Cache.
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Oppo UDP 205 player (heavily modified: Linear PS, upgraded Femto clocks; stabilizer mechanism).
Video Display
Projector: JVC DLA RS48u/X-55R; Screen: Seymour AV Center Stage XD screen -115 inch diagonal; LAT International HDMI from Universal player to processor and from there to the projector.
Signal Processors
Emotiva RMC-1
Power Amp
Poseidons Voice Parallel 486 and Modulus 286*2
Speaker Cable
DH Labs T-14 and Odyssey with Furutech spades
Zenwave D2 Ultra w/Furutech FP-600 XLR (processor to amp), DH Labs Pro Studio RCA-XLR (processor to Behringer/AMB DCX2496 for subs), Wegrzyn Platinum HDMI from Oppo UDP 205 to AVP.
Power Cables
Kaplan H.E. Mk 1, DH Labs Red Wave w/IEGO connectors, and Pi Audio Mongo Cord.
Power Cond
Pi Audio Buss-Stop & UberBuss; LAT International duplex wall outlet for projector.
Other Components
Calibration done with Spears & Muncil Test Disc (2nd ed.)