Maggie-Based, a Integrated A/V System by klao

Room Size
Meters: 5.94 (W) x 8.55 (L). x 3.15/3.65 (H); Feet: 19.5' x 28' x 10'/12'
System Overview
A 5.2-ch system for both music & some movies/concerts.
Music Preferences
Mix of some classical, jazz, & pop/rock.
Room Description
Rectangular room with teak parquet flooring installed on wooden rails & concrete slabs sub-floor. Calcium Silicate bricks & mortar walls with cement plastering. Coffered ceiling: pine wood frames, fiberglass sound insulation materials, & gypsum boards. Two wooden-frame glass doors at the back of the room, and 2 more of those on the right side. Entrance wooden door on the left side.
Acoustic Treatment
RIVES AUDIO design: floor-to-ceiling diffusors on the left and right sides of the front wall (behind speakers); floor-to-ceiling bass traps at room corners; four, 35 x 175 cm. wood slats w/ fiberglass inserts, in each of the four ceiling coffers; three, 60 x 150 cm. absorption panels on each left & right wall. Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb shades for 4 doors. IKEA Vitten (wool) area rugs in front of the speakers.
Other Comments
SETUP: Main speakers' tweeters are on the inside & toed-in so that the speakers' inner & outer edges are about 1.70 m. (5'7") & 1.88 m. (6'2") from front wall. Left & right tweeters are approximately 2.90m. (9'6") apart. Speakers' outer edges are 90 cm. (35.5") from side walls . Listening position of my ears is about 4.0 m. (13'2") from the speaker's plane (mid-range drivers) and about 2.60 m. (8'6") from the wall behind the seat.
DVD or LaserDisc Player
M9702 PLUS V3 (Oppo 203 clone); ModWright OPPO BDP-95 [w/ HiFi-Tuning Supreme fuses, Mullard GZ34 metal base (Holland 1957) & Sylvania JAN-CHS-6SN7W metal base (chrome top) tubes, Furutech FI-10(G) inlet, & GINKO Cloud 14A platform]
Video Display
Samsung Q90R QLED 82" TV
Digital Source
BRYSTON BDA-3; BRYSTON BDP-1 [w/ HiFi-Tuning Supreme fuse, Furutech FI-10(G) inlet, Kemet RIFA PME278 EMI suppressor, and Elna RA3 & Cerafine caps]; Cambridge Audio CXN
Analog Source
Lyra Etna MC cartridge; VPI 30th Anniversary Classic (1) upgraded w/ JMW-Classic 3 tonearm armwand, HRX center weight, periphery outer ring clamp, & Analogue Drive System (ADS).
Signal Processors
Bryston SP3 Pre/Pro
Aesthetix Calypso Signature line stage; PS Audio Stella phono
Power Amp
BRYSTON 28B-SST/2 (1,800w @4Ohms) x2; BRYSTON 7B-SST/2 (900w @4Ohms) x1; WYRED 4 SOUND mAMP (430w @4Ohms) x2
MAGNEPAN 20.7's (86dB/4Ohms) on MyeSound stands & Isoclean TT-007 tiptoe bases, tweeter & midrange attenuators bypassed.
MAGNEPAN CC5 (88dB/3Ohms) on height & tilt adjustable MyeSound stand.
MAGNEPAN 1.7's (86dB/4Ohms) [w/ HiFi-Tuning Supreme fuses]
SVS SB13-Ultra x2
Speaker Cable
KIMBER 12TC w/ WBT nextgen 0681Ag spades & 0610Ag bananas; KIMBER 8TC for center & surround channels
KIMBER SELECT KS-1136 (all sources to preamp); VAN DAMME Tour Grade Classic XKE Starquad microphone cables + Switchcraft A Series XLR / Furutech FP-126(R) RCA connectors (for the rest); Cardas Clear USB
Power Cables
JPS Kaptovator w/ Furutech FI-32M(R) & Wattage 350iHC; Cardas Golden Ref w/ Furutech FI-E38(R) & Wattgate 350i; and Oyaide Black Mamba, Audience "e", & JPS Power AC+, all w/ Furutech FI-E38(R) & FI-28(R) connectors
Sennheiser HD600 w/ Furutech iHP-35S 4XLR cable, driven by Bryston BHA-1; Sennheiser HD650 w/ Cardas single-end cable driven by Bryston SP3 Pre/Pro
REZET REV-10011 platforms for Bryston amps; REZET customized racks
Power Cond
Dedicated 30(100) Amp circuit; Isoclean Zero Ohm breaker panel; Wattgate 381, PSAudio PowerPort, & FIM 880 wall receptacles; PowerConditoners: TorusPower CS 16 INT'L AVR & Clef Audio PureSine 1000Se
Other Components
KLAUDIO record cleaning machinge (v.2 - 2013)