LINEAR FIDELITY, a Two-channel Audio System by Waker

Jute Shoji screens used for wall treatment
Room Size
System Overview
Two Channel, CD Dedicated, Tube Monoblocks, Two Subs, Planar Speakers, Dedicated 240 V circuit, Massive Isolation Transformer, Large Power Conditioner for Front End (One CD Player).
Music Preferences
Most anything except heavy metal. Allman Bros, Boz Scaggs, Van Morrison, Elton John, Little Feat, Grateful Dead, Johnny Clegg, Bruce Cockburn, Doobies, Moodies, Steely Dan, Bob Marley, Beatles, The Band, Bruce Hornsby, Paul Simon, Sting, CSNY, Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, Dave Grusin, Special EFX, REM, Supertramp, Burning Spear, Widespread Panic, JJ Cale, Sonny Landreth, Gordon Lightfoot, Fourplay, bluegrass, classical, too many to list.
Room Description
Rectangular, no furniture, one couch for listening.
Acoustic Treatment
Drapes, rug, open room. To balance the left side of room with the drapes on the right, Shoji room divider panels with a jute weave are placed to excellent effect.
Listening Impressions
I am always amazed at the improvements in sound with additions to the system--the only limit to redbook CD appears to be budgetary. This system is very analog in presentation.
Media Storage
Bookcase full of CDs, about 400.
Other Comments
Before looking at more powerful amps, look at adding more power to your amps. Once a system has plenty of clean power to spare, the little tweaks really come through, such as upscale fuses, cables, stands, jumpers, etc.
Digital Source
Wadia 861SE, fully modified by Steve Huntley at GNSC, last done in 2008.
Analog Source
Other Sources
Signal Processors
Power Amp
Audio Research Reference 210s with KT120 upgrade to 250 watts.
Maggie 3.6R
REL Strata X 2
Speaker Cable
Transparent Reference. Too expensive, would not buy them again, but they sound very nice.
Transparent Reference XLR
Power Cables
DIY Furutech Alpha-OCC 9-AWG with rhodium plugs. DIY OCC signal cables to REL subs.
Custom, solid maple tables topped with 1 3/16" granite. Isolation using walnut and felt pads from mechanical vibration is a sound upgrade. Lots of mass is important. Granite needs further damping, though.
Power Cond
Richard Gray RM PRO 240V/120V 4000 watt isolation transformer with six outlets for direct connection of amps and subs. A Richard Gray 1200 power conditioner serves the CD player. All components operate in an ideal energy pathway, free of noise, loops and
Tuning and Tweaks
MyeStands, SR Red fuses in amps, CDP, and Maggies. Cardas jumpers in Maggies.
Other Components
One 240 volt dedicated circuit of 10 gauge romex. One single wall outlet serves the entire system.