Office desk top system, a Bedroom/Den System by AVnerdguy

Desk top system
Room Size
10 X 12
System Overview
Computer based edit/playback through conventional analog equipment
Music Preferences
Jazz, be bop, alternative, punk, country - doesn't matter as long as it's done well.
Room Description
Home office. Small space for near field listening while working on the computer.
Listening Impressions
Nice combination of digital sources w/analog equipment provides clean highs and smooth mid range. Bass is adjusted for selection being played.
Other Comments
Keyboard desk from Guitar Center makes great computer desk and has built in rack rails for audio equipment and upper shelf for near field monitors at ear level, lower shelf for sub, Vortexbox, printer and power conditioner. VortexBox feeds main system downstairs via wireless network (SBT and Bryston BDP-1).
Digital Source
Antec tower w/2.8Ghz 5400+ 64 bit dual AMD on Asus M2NE board w/Asus Xonar D1 sound card, nVidia GeoForce 9800 graphic card and ATI HD USB tuner
Video Display
Acer 22" 1900 x 1080 monitor
AVA OmegaStar SS
Power Amp
Musical Paradise MP-301 set w/EL34 outputs
Polk RTi-A1 (surprisingly good!)
Polk 10
Grado SR225i cans ART V2 headphone amp/phono pre and USB out
Other Components
VortexBox based Green Macine w/1Tb internal HD, external 1Tb drives (WD & Seagate) TEAX V-970X 3 head cassette Technics SL1200 TT w/Shure M97xE MM cartridge APC SPC-15 power conditioner