simple by choice, a Two-channel Audio System by pehare

From the sweet spot seat
System Overview
Music Preferences
rock, jazz, folk, bluegrass, alt-country, classic country, americana, roots music
Room Description
living/great room w/vault ceiling
Acoustic Treatment
carpeted floor w/large oriental rug in front of rack, hanging mexican rug on wall behind rack
Other Comments
other listening setups include 1905 Model B Edison wax cylinder phonograph w/morning glory horn
Digital Source
Cary 303/300 w/internal analog volume control run direct into amp
Power Amp
Music Reference RM 10 MKII, light loaded on 4 ohm taps
Tannoy Stirling Golden Reference
Speaker Cable
JPS Labs Superconductor V - 6' single WBT spades, JPS banana jumpers
JPS Labs Superconductor Q - 1.0m RCA
Power Cables
JPS Labs PAC lite w/custom IEC plug on amp, JPS Digital AC-X on cd player
Salamander steel rod - 3 cherry shelves