Den, a Integrated A/V System by rab1234

Room Size
20 x 15
System Overview
5.1 and 2.1 channel stereo
Music Preferences
Not a big country fan, light jazz, rock, some classical, some popular, good recordings
Movie Preferences
Room Description
challenging layout vaulted ceiling, stairs, openings to other rooms, fireplace
Acoustic Treatment
drapes overstuffed furniture, carpet, Six GIK 242 panel (need 2 bass traps)
Listening Impressions
Getting better
Media Storage
book cases and crates some near equipment in cabinet
DVD or LaserDisc Player
PS3 DVD Pioneer LD
Satellite or Cable
Video Display
Digital Source
Shanling SCD T200 SACD/CD player Denon CDR W1500 HDCD recorder
Analog Source
Oracle Delphi MK IV SME 309 arm and Renissance cartridge
Signal Processors
Marantz AV9000
Hand made tube preamp Amina
Power Amp
Meridian 558 amp (bi-amp mains plus center) CJ Motif MS100 amp (rears)
B&W 801 Matrix 25th Aniversary LE (between Series 2 and 3 with the Van Alstine crossver mod done at B&W factory)
3 way made by local shop
2 way made by local shop
M&K MX90 sub (for surround) Velodyne HGS12 (for 2 channel mains)
Speaker Cable
Tara Labs
Made by local shop
Power Cond
MIT Z Stabilizer and (2) Z Cord 2's and (2) Audio Power Packs
Tuning and Tweaks
Cork / Rubber mats under turntable and (in cabinet) Velodyne sub
Other Components
Macbook air, Musical Fidelity V-Link, Eastern Electric Minimax DAC Wadia 177i VPI Record Cleaner

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