Just About There, a Two-channel Audio System by davidrs

cy & pip Audio setup
Room Size
26X13X8.5 (feet)
System Overview
Music Preferences
Wide range
Room Description
Room: 2nd story, suspended wood flooring; plaster on wood frame walls and ceiling. Room is 'live' with minimal damping from rug and couch.
Acoustic Treatment
None at this time.
Media Storage
PC Based.
Other Comments
Loudspeaker placement: 5ft from front wall; 2.5ft from sides; 9ft apart; 12 ft sides to the listener; ears are a foot higher than the tweeters at the primary listening position. Secondary listening position is 8ft sides and ears are even with the tweeters.
Digital Source
Signal: TWC cable feed and ARIS Modem, TWC Coax Digital cable
Other Sources
Source: PC based with ASUS Xonar STX sound card (S/PDIF out)
Signal Processors
DAC: Audio Research Corp. DAC7
Power Amp
Integrated Amplifier: Ayon Audio Spirit II 35wpc/65wpc triode/pentode Genelex GL KT88 output tubes, Raytheon 12AU7 signal tubes
Vaughn Loudspeakers - Pinot
Speaker Cable
Teresonic Clarison
Vaughn Loudspeakers - Vaughn SE; Artisan Silver Cables - Ultimate Dream SE
Power Cables
Mojo Audio
TAOC and SR Composites DT-SRX
Power Cond
Maestro Outlet; MIT Z Powerbar Conditioner
Other Components
Digital Cable: Madrigal S/PDIF cable