In Town Living Room, a Two-channel Audio System by bside123

Room Size
14' X 17 '
System Overview
I use this listening room when I am not at home on the farm. (See my Farm House Living Room System) I also use this room to test and switch out new and changing components. Speakers on the Long Wall - Near Field Listening Position
Music Preferences
All Across the Board
Room Description
Conventional Rectangular Living Room, 8' Ceilings, Acoustic Tiles
Acoustic Treatment
Stand Mounted REAL Mondo Traps, ASC Sound Panel Diffusers, Soffit Traps in the Corners, Acoustic Ceiling Tiles; Area Rugs Over Hardwood Floors
Listening Impressions
It's hard to get me out of the house.
Media Storage
2011 Mac Mini and Oyen Mini Pro Dedicated Hard Drive
Other Comments
This is system makes it very easy to switch various components in and out. I frequently go back and forth between various components that I have in my inventory of equipment that I haven't heard for a while, or would simply like to audition.
Digital Source
Eastern Electric MiniMax Tube CDP -or- McCormack SST-1 & McCormack Deluxe DAC-1
Analog Source
Nottingham Horizon SE Turntable w/ SAMA; Rega RB300 w/ Incognito Rewire & Origin Live Mod; Clearaudio Maestro Wood Cartridge -or- VPI Aries Scout with VPI HRX Feet; Sumiko Blackbird Cartridge
Other Sources
Mac Mini & dB Labs Tranquility SE USB DAC
Vacuum Tube Logic VTL TL-5.5 Line Stage Preamp Upgraded by George Merrill
Power Amp
McCormack DNA 0.5 Revision A+
Acoustic Zen Adagio Jr. - or - DeVore Gibbon III w/Upgraded Crossovers
Fritz Speakers 10
Speaker Cable
MAC (My Audio Cables ) CuQ
MAC Mystic, MAC Vibes, Cardas, Zu Mission Phono Cable, VooDoo Audio
Power Cables
MAC Burley, MAC Paradise, PS Audio, Alan Maher
Lovan Modified with Granite Slabs, Target & Solid Steel Sand Loaded Speaker Stands
Power Cond
PS Ultimate Outlet HC
Tuning and Tweaks
Maple Blocking, Various Isolation, i.e Vibrapods, Merrill GemDandy Durometer Feet, Wool Felt Speaker Surrounds
Other Components
McCormack Micro Phono Drive - Upgraded to Ultra Platinum + w/ Ultra Platinum Power Supply, Endless Tube Rolling