Jazzman's Carvers & DIY Electrostats , a Two-channel Audio System by Jazzman53

Room Size
19' x 20'
System Overview
Vintage Carver two-channel driving homebuilt hybrid electrostats and Ripole subs. My DIY Electrostatic Loudspeaker Project Page:
Music Preferences
Straight-ahead jazz, hard-bop, vocal, Brazilian, acoustic
Listening Impressions
For the money, everything else is two Dixie cups and a string :-) The Carver TFM amps are solid state with tube-like sound and lots of headroom. The hybrid electrostats give spooky imaging with stunning clarity and speed.
Media Storage
Homebuilt CD cabinet in red oak. Photos in Gallery & CAD drawing available on request.
Digital Source
Logitech Transporter SE
Analog Source
Carver DTL-100 cd, Carver SDA-450 cd, Carver TX-11a Tuner
Signal Processors
DBX Driverack Venu 360
Carver C1, Logitech Transporter
Power Amp
(3) Carver TFM25's
Homebuilt wire-stator hybrid-electrostats
(2) Homebuilt Ripoles w/dual Peerless SLS 12's,
Speaker Cable
(2) pairs DIY Cross connected-coax
Dayton Gold RCA analogs, Hosa XLR/EAS digitals, Toslink from Transporter
Red oak mission cabinet designed & built by the Jazzman
Power Cond
Furman PL-Plus
Tuning and Tweaks
X-overs @ 50hz & 218Hz with L-R 48db slopes