The main system - 2 ch. , a Two-channel Audio System by AVnerdguy

New maggies
Room Size
12' X infinity (at least that's the way it seems.....) actually 30'
System Overview
Well balanced - front end tube smoothness and SS MOSFET output punch on the bottom.
Music Preferences
Be bop, classic jazz, big band, any kind of good rock, punk, alternative, pop, some chamber music. Anything as long as it's well played, has some emotion to it and is well recorded.
Room Description
Enclosed on 3 sides but wide open to the right. Makes for some interesting room EQ treatment
Acoustic Treatment
Nothing really. Have to live with WAF on furniture placement.
Listening Impressions
Smooth and detailed. Solid low end. Great soundstage. Vocals and acoustic instruments as natural as anything I've heard.
Media Storage
Vortexbox based mini w/1Tb built in & 2 1Tb externals for backup. Additional backup on main tower system.
Digital Source
Bryston BDP-1 player & BDA-1 DAC Cambridge CD840 CD player/DAC Logitech Squeezebox Touch
Analog Source
Sony XDR-F1HD HD tuner
Other Sources
Oppo BDP-93 w/Atlona AT-HD570 extractor, Marantz PD700 DAT, DirecTV HDR21DVR
Signal Processors
Behringer CX2310 crossover (drives sub only), Behringer DEQ2496 eq/RTA (for measurments - typically out of path)
AVA (Van Alstine) AvaStar
Power Amp
AVA Fet Valve 600R for L/R, Adcom GFA-5802 for passive sub
Magneplanar 3.7 w/Mye Sound stands
OHM passive (2x12) ported enclosure
Speaker Cable
DIY Gepco 122HBW for L/R & 124HBW for sub - terminated w/F-Conn RGSPU banana plugs
DIY Gepco VDM250D cable terminated w/ADC CRCA-13 plugs or ADC BNC-13 BNCs
Power Cables
Grado SR225i
Middle Atlantic Slim 5 series w/2 21RU racks
Power Cond
FSR SPC-15 analog sources & APC SP-15 digital sources
Tuning and Tweaks
Other Components
Music Hall 9.1 TT w/Goldring Eroica MC (main system) & Grado phono pre. Technics SL1200 TT w/Ortofon MM or Shure V15IV cartridges. ART V2 analog/USB pre (for direct rips to computer)