Ambiance Tube HIFI., a Integrated A/V System by Ambiance

VR4JR Ear Yoshino V20
Room Size
System Overview
My favorit listening system.
Music Preferences
Chris Rea, Depech Mode, Sara K and so on.
Movie Preferences
Musik Videos
Room Description
Medium sized room with light acoustic treatmens.
Acoustic Treatment
Dampened behinde sweetspot to absorbe rearwall reflections.
Listening Impressions
Very smooth and open system, never tierd of listening. Surounded by music and vocals in dead senter.
Media Storage
Next door room where the hometheatre is. Has BD Disc player and is two way wiered Component Real Cable. And Monster RCA cable for audio.
Video Display
Samsung 32
Digital Source
Moon Harbor LUX SACD player
Power Amp
Ear Yoshino V20.
Von Schweikert VR4Jr.
Speaker Cable
Black Magick
synergistic research
Power Cables
Standard EU cables.
DIY Sand filled stands.