Dedicated Listening Room / Man Cave, a Two-channel Audio System by shaizada

Room Size
2x15 with 26ft cathedral ceiling
System Overview
Acoustic Treatment
GIK 242 (First reflection points & front wall), GIK 244 (Back wall), Real traps (Corners)
Digital Source
Macbook Pro, Red Wine USB, Reimyo DAP-777
Analog Source
VPI TNT HR-V Hot Rod, HRX Dual Motor, HRX Platter, JMW 12.5 Arm, VPI SDS, Periphery Ring/Centerweight, Clearaudio Accurate MC cart, Jan Allaerts MC1B, VdH Grasshopper III GLA, Shure M97xe, Einstein Turntables Choice Phonostage, EAR 324 Phonostage, Ediie C
Other Sources
Headamp Pico DAC
Ray Samuels Audio B-52 Balanced Preamp
Power Amp
EAR 890, Consonance Cyber 800 Monoblocks
Omega SuperHemps (Alnico)
Dual Deephemp Subwoofers.
Speaker Cable
Furutech Audio Reference III
Furutech Audio Reference III (RCA), Harmonix Golden Performance HS101GP (RCA and XLR)
Power Cables
Furutech Audio Reference III, Black Sand Violet Z1, PS AUdio Prelude, Starsound Sonoran, Harmonix Studio Master (Wattgate Plugs)
Sennheiser: HD-600, HD650, Audio Technica: W1000, IEMs: Ultimate Ears UE11 & Shure E500 PTH, Ray Samuels Audio B-52 Balanced Headphone Amp
Stillpoints ESS
Power Cond
Exactpower EP15a, Exactpower SP15Ax4
Tuning and Tweaks
Mapleshade Platforms, Symposium Rollerblocks Series 2+, Richard Gray 400s, Starsound Sistrum SP-101 / SP-004 platforms, Audiopoints, SRA Ohio Class Squared Platforms