Listening/Living Room, a Two-channel Audio System by Listens2tubes

FrtWall traps
Room Size
13'6 x 22' x 8'4
System Overview
Digital Source
CEC CD3300 24 bit cdp with K Works Dynamo powercord.
Analog Source
Systemdek IIX tt w/Cardas wired RB250 arm/Dynavector Karat 17D2 Mk2 using Ortofon T-5 step up transformers
Other Sources
Sherwood S3000-V FM Stereo tuner & Otari MX5050BII-2 reel to reel tape deck with MTR-12 metal 2 track heads and K Works Dynamo powercord.
Audio by Van Alstine Transcendence Eight+ tube preamp with Valvo E188CC. K Works Empowered Cord 2 captured powercord.
Power Amp
Dynaco Mark IV tweaked monoblock amps with K Works Empowered Cord 2 captured power cord.
Paradigm Reference Studio 100V.1 - Van Den Hul bi-wired
Pre - amps: AudioQuest Coral w/Eichmann Copper Bullet upgrade, cdp - pre: K Works Audio Clearheart Carbon, R2R deck to pre: K Works Golden Heart, DAC to pre: K Works USB
Power Cables
K Works Audio Dynamo and Empowered 2
Senn 600's and Grado HF-1
Power Cond
Jon Risch AC Powerline Filters and K Works Silencers
Tuning and Tweaks
K WORKS Pnufeet, MK Audio Pon-tunes
Other Components
HP laptop running Win10 64bit. Using Fidelizer and Foobar 2000. playing through a K works NanoMax USB DAC.