Office HiFi, a Two-channel Audio System by PSB Guy

Room Size
10' x 10' x 8'
System Overview
Nothing special, provides an alternative to computer speakers when I'm in the office. Besides work, the main use of this PC-based system is ripping CDs to back-up hard drives and the Salkstream Player downstairs.
Music Preferences
Classic rock, jazz, blues, old punk, old country, folk, reggae, lots of stuff...
Room Description
Approximately 10' x 10' x 8'. Carpeted.
Acoustic Treatment
None, it's an office. My solid oak desk takes up a third of the office. There are filled book shelves along one wall, and the room is wall-to-wall carpeted.
Listening Impressions
Does the trick for listening to music when I'm working in the office
Media Storage
1300+ CDs ripped to FLAC (and backed up) to 2 x 1TB external hard drives. Physical media is stored in same room.
Digital Source
Dell Inspiron 15R (Windows 10 x64, Core i5, 8 gigs RAM, 1TB HD) feeding FLACs to a Audioquest Dragonfly Black DAC. Two 1TB external hard drives for backup.
Analog Source
Other Sources
Signal Processors
Power Amp
Virtue Audio One Integrated Amp with 30v/130w switching power supply
PSB Image B5
PSB SubSeries 1
Speaker Cable
BJC Canare 4S11 with ultrasonically welded locking bananas, BJC LC-1 subwoofer cable
BJC MSA-1, BJC Cat 6a, BJC 1694A RG-6 Coax
Power Cables
Infinite Cables 14AWG CSA/UL approved on amp. Nothing too special, just better quality, heavier molded PVC power cords. Stock on everything else.
BIG, hand-made oak desk holds computer and stereo.
Tuning and Tweaks
Other Components
D-Link DHP-701AV powerline networking to rip CDs directly to Salkstream Player in Main HiFi downstairs