Tube Analog Heaven, a Two-channel Audio System by Alonski

Alons Gear
Room Size
16 x 16 diagonal set up
System Overview
I have never stopped playing vinyl... After so many years, I just upgraded my entire system. I love tubes because they sound so musical and alive. I don't give a crap about measurements, I just want to lose myself in the music, the experience must engage me emotionally... I only seem to get that from well-chosen, mostly hand-made analog gear. One big surprise was the Pure Power APS AC Regenerator. The improvement in my systems sound quality is so staggering it's as if I spent another $20K on upgrades! It really blew me away and still does.
Music Preferences
Rock, Jazz, Female Vocalists.
Analog Source
Townshend Rock 7 Turntable, Excalibur 3 Tone arm, Ortofon Cadenza Bronze Cartridge
Valve Amplification Company Standard LE
Power Amp
Valve Amplification Company Phi 200
Von Schweikert Unifield 3
Speaker Cable
Paul Speltz Anti-Cables
Paul Speltz Anti-ICs
AKG K702s / Ray Samuels Audio Raptor
Salamander S40
Power Cond
Pure Power APS 1050