Jeenie67 All self fabricated., a Home Theater System by jeenie67

My main entertainment. - Made the cabinet of solid Oak. Yes, I'm a stick player for decades......Vox AC15 and a Fender Evil Twin for my Les Paul and maple necked Strat.
Room Size
System Overview
Oppo DV980H direct into Rane active crossover hard wired direct into the two Altec Lancing(AL) Model 14's baskets. Secondary AL Model 15's for rears when people can handle it. Two is really all that's needed. The reverberant sonics off the back wall supply the effect of surround. The Oppo is run flat with no EQ or tonal modifications. It honks! The cabinetry was specially made to house the electronics and full support of the TV. The top slab is solid oak braced every 4" with 3/4" joists. All weight is transferred down the side rails to casters on it's lower frame. She holds albums also on a solid oak platform. What I intended was for a no feedback enclosure for the disc player (no jitter under high db levels) and ample cooling for the Crowns whose cooling fans were replaced with whisper fans. 130 db registered with Pink Floyd "The Wall" and with my TT which sits to the left of the TV, same db with 1812 Overture with the cannons on DVDA.
Movie Preferences
Action....Transformers! Clapton's Crossroads DVDA... The Band Last Waltz...The Bloody Who.
Room Description
Hard old plaster, thick. Wall to wall commercial carpeting.
Acoustic Treatment
Shipping Styrofoam applied to headers over doorways. Corner absorption via fleece throws.
Media Storage
In cabinet, right door.
Other Comments
Sure does the job inexpensively!