Hi from New Zealand

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Hi from New Zealand
« on: 16 Sep 2021, 02:57 am »
Hi, my name is Tony, I live in  Auckland, and  I have been interested in audio since the 1960's. A bit of a lull while children growing up (and absorbing most of my money) but since the 1980's I have been able to renew the hobby. I have a preference for tube and currently use Shindo and Thoress electronics, Antipodes music servers (I was the online support person for six years up till the start of 2021), with Musical Affairs Grand Crescendo speakers. Currently I have a pair of Omega Super Alnico speakers on order and being built, together with a pair of Skylan stands on order to accommodate them. I am also hopeful that some time in the future I can try Spatial Audio open baffle. So I will be a regular visitor to both the Omega and the Spatial Audio circles.


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Re: Hi from New Zealand
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Welcome Tony  :thumb:
What are your impressions on that Phy-HP coaxial?

Phil A

Re: Hi from New Zealand
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Norman Tracy

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Re: Hi from New Zealand
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Welcome to AudioCircle Tony. That is a very nice very advanced suite of equipment you have there. Looking at the pic you posted my first reaction was "are those PHY?!?!??!!!" Searching on 'Musical Affairs Grand Crescendo speakers' and the answer seems to be yes they are. So exotic, so artisanal. I greatly enjoyed hearing Thoress electronics a few years ago at Lone Star Audio Fest. One of those sounds you just sigh and relax into.


Re: Hi from New Zealand
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Welcome, Tony. This is a great place to hang out.



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Re: Hi from New Zealand
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Cheers & Welcome to AC Tony   :thumb:


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Re: Hi from New Zealand
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Thanks for the friendly welcome. Re the PHY speakers, I have owned them for nine years now. Two pairs of the Grand Crescendo speakers reached New Zealand, this pair being one. They are superb with some material, especially acoustic, small group jazz or classical, blues, country etc. but struggle at times with orchestral or big band material. But with the right music you just go 'Wow!'. The  cabinets are a work of art and are very light, only 17kg each with very thin 4mm sides, internally braced at intervals. The speakers work extremely well with the Shindo Corton Charlemagne amps, but surprisingly less well with the Thoress 300B's, hence the addition of the Omega Super Alnico monitors.

Here are a couple more pics: