Pig (2021) - subdued Nicolas Cage searches for his truffle pig

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The promo material shows either a scowling or bloodied Nicolas Cage and based on his previous films one could expect another rage filled performance, surprisingly Pig is a thoughtful film about the meaning of life.

Rob (Cage) has chosen a life of seclusion, collecting and selling truffles with Pig to make a living, when Pig is kidnapped his search takes him back to the city and the life he abandoned years before. Cage's performance is subtle and soulful, this is not a revenge film, it is a story about peacefully living in this world.

Pig is another film best watched fresh, without reading any spoilers, not knowing where it is heading. Watch Pig with an open mind and you will be rewarded. Alice and I liked it, but then we like thoughtful films. She also said "I have no idea who I would recommend this film too", which she says about many of the films we love.

97% on RT

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one of the best and most surprising films of 2020.  Hooked me in as they peeled away layers of the onion - thumbs up here!