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Heartland Hello
« on: 13 Sep 2021, 02:53 am »
Hello from central Iowa where the corn that feeds the world is grown.  I built or refab'ed a pair of speakers in college and have always enjoyed quality sound.  I have had the same JBL studio monitors and S-Center channel for close to 20 years now.  I am getting the itch to try something new but I am looking to build this time around, I think.  I look forward to reading and learning along side all of you.


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Re: Heartland Hello
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Welcome to AC  :thumb:

Phil A

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Hello from Omaha, welcome!



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Re: Heartland Hello
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50+ years ago my family took a trip out west (from Michigan) and Dad being a farmer wanted to travel through Iowa to see miles and miles of corn.  My first audio system was my Mom's old AM radio from around 1950 and a portable cassette recorder with a wired mike that I placed on the speaker and waited for a favorite song.  My only DIY efforts were speaker, pre-amp, and power amp kits from the early 80's.  Unless you can properly audition a loudspeaker, it is very hard to intelligently shop.  Thus I don't recommend DIY loudspeakers. 

BTW my favorite all around loudspeaker I owned was JBL 708P active studio monitors ($3800/pair).  Even the desktop JBL 305 Mk2 ($300/pair) I could be satisfied with for a long time in a medium sized room.


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Re: Heartland Hello
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Greetings & Welcome to AC BigSnapDaddy   :thumb: