RIP Don Everly

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RIP Don Everly
« on: 22 Aug 2021, 10:48 am »
It's hard to overestimate the impact of Don and Phil on modern music.
The modernized Appalachian harmonies they learned and perfected as children set the template for the new generation of harmonized singers, and their craftsmenship is legendary.
The first rock and roll to grab me, "Wake up Little Susie" started my long attraction to music at age 8 in 1957, and I'm certainly not alone. They brought the earlier rock "outliers" into the mainstream big time.
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Re: RIP Don Everly
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Great article about Don and the brothers act.  So telling that in the 50s when they were young rock n roll wasn't mature and the industry looked down on them, then when the British invasion and rock came into is own in the sixties they were deemed too old.  Which is where I came in, I remembered all their hits as golden oldies, my friends and I argued over whether Herman's Hermits or the Beatles were the best song writers (we really did).  It was only later that I realized the contribution and influence that Phil and Don had on the music we listened to.  RIP Don.

Phil A

Re: RIP Don Everly
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Re: RIP Don Everly
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Well put jonbee, and no you certainly aren't alone in appreciation of what impact they had on music. They and the Righteous Brothers brought a lot of folks who considered rock & roll heresy around to thinking "maybe there's something to this new music ?" So sad to lose another of the legends. Rest In Peace Don, you & your brother's music will live on, and Thank You.