November Capitol Audio Fest

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November Capitol Audio Fest
« on: 25 May 2021, 07:39 am »
OK !!!!

End of last year i posted (which has since been deleted because some %^$&$&$  put Nazi slogans all over the post)  that I won't be doing any shows in 2021 unless all things Covid change....well,  things do change now.  Yes,  I'm fully vaccinated for over 2 months now,  and it feels great....but not great enough to do all of the shows out, 

1.  California is out because I'm definitely not flying
2. Axpona is out because I don't tnink that it'll be very successful for one,  and it's also a really small room.

3.  That leaves the Capfest.  We're officially in....Craig from Magnan has also been vaccinated, and the room is so huge,  we (hopefully_) can actually have some control over distancing and masking....have to play it by ear,  but we'll do the best we can with a strict mask mandate in the room,  just in case.......people,  a mask on your mouth doesn't hinder audible pleasures !!!!

4.  Lastly,  the line-up will be us,  of course,  Magnan cables and also for the first time Techdas Airforce turntables !!!!

See ya in November,



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Re: November Capitol Audio Fest
« Reply #1 on: 25 May 2021, 08:28 am »
Sorry about the nazi A$$. 

Shows: it’s awesome you are getting back on the horse with shiny vaccinations and a box o masks

Mask requirement: I’ve always thought there was too much talking with not enough listening in show booths.  I know, vendors have to do some biz to make it worth the trouble. I’m just a dreamer.


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Re: November Capitol Audio Fest
« Reply #2 on: 25 May 2021, 11:50 am »
Awesome! I was on the fence about Cap Audio (not because of COVID), but with this news, I’m all in!!
I hope by November we’re saying “COVID who”?
Techdas?? Interesting!


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Re: November Capitol Audio Fest
« Reply #3 on: 7 Aug 2021, 03:41 pm »
Klaus your announcement is my best Christmas gift!!. I look so forward to see you and Irina.
 My 5 Odyssey amplifiers and Candela continue to amaze me daily.
Many, many thanks.