My Loft listening room, a Two-channel Audio System by jbtrio

Room Size
W 22.5' D 18.5' H 13'
System Overview
Digital Source
Jay's Audio CDT-2 mk.2, Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE Dac
Analog Source
vpi classic III with VPI 3D arm, Lyra Kleos SL , k&k audio premium maxxed-out phonostage
Supratek Sauvignon (highly modded)
Power Amp
Coincident Frankenstein 300b mk.2 mono amps, First Watt SIT-3
Horning Eufrodite Ellipse
Speaker Cable
Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix speaker cables
High Fidelity Ultimates
Power Cables
TriodeWireLabs 7ga.+, Digital PC, and Obsession PC, Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix PC
salamander twin synergy 30
Power Cond
Dedicated 20amp line, purepower1500+ & Furutech outlet & outlet cover, digibus
Tuning and Tweaks
room treatments, various footers , symposium platform, SRA Ohio-Class XL+ & VR series2 platforms, sistrum