2 Channel System (from 2002-2008), a Two-channel Audio System by TheChairGuy

Room Size
12 x 15
System Overview
Less over time and more enjoyment, too
Music Preferences
The gamut. Lots of classical - amazing the turnabout of tastes over the years
Room Description
Vaulted ceiling from 8' to 12'
Acoustic Treatment
Heavy Berber rug, Open Cell Foam pieces here and there
Digital Source
$39 COBY DVD207 w/ $25 Radio Shack regulated outboard power supply
Analog Source
JVC QL-F6 (with 9 lbs of Plast-i-Clay) and assortment of cartridges
Quicksilver Full Fuction Preamp or APT-Holman
Power Amp
Vintage Dukane 50 watt tube monoblocks
Linaeum Towers or Radio Shack/Lineaum LX-8 monitors
Speaker Cable
Kimber 4TC
Revelation Audio Labs, Monster Cable
Grado SR-60 modded by Revelation Audio Labs, Westone UM-2 canalphone
Power Cond
Brickwall 2AUD
Tuning and Tweaks
Mortite/Dennis rope caulk or Plast-i-Clay (my fave), LAT Vibra-Killers Anti-Vibration Feet (they work - dammit!), Herbie's Tube Dampers, Herbie's Tenderfeet, 2 Ultra Zleeves.
Other Components
Cheap JVC AM/FM tuner - picks up stations and does it well