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Re: Focal Headphone - Discussion
« Reply #40 on: 9 Oct 2019, 06:45 pm »

The preamp was built a few years ago, and I use it with my tube amp setup.  As it turns out, it also makes a fine buffer amp for headphone listening. 

The only difference between the schematic and the build is using a kohomzo stepped attenuator vice a transformer volume pot.  It's easily the quietest tube preamp I've come across. 


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Re: Focal Headphone - Discussion
« Reply #41 on: 16 Oct 2019, 07:34 pm »
After a few days with the T90's and the Schitt Vahalla 2 OTL amp, ths sound was very nice...clean, crisp accurate...I forgot how good the T90's are,especially with a OTL tube amp.

Then I plugged them into the Schitt Magni 3 and wow even crisper and more then I popped them out and plugged in the Clears..

Audio Nirvana almost instantly...gosh even with other great headphones these Focals are so musical and the tonality is to die for....really grand.

The soundstage on the Beyers IMO is just a bit wider and less warm....but its slight....the Clears have more "body and weight" for sure...part of what
makes them so musical and desirable to me.

I am glad I still have the T90's came close to selling them a few times....

That said, the price difference between these and the Focals is substantial....but worth it!



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Re: Focal Headphone - Discussion
« Reply #42 on: 5 Dec 2023, 04:10 pm »

Ugh I looove my Focals. I purchased a pair of clears and thought they were exceptionally nice to listen to but returned them for a pair of Celestees as I can’t wear open backs in the office. The celestees don’t have the soundstage size and open feeling of the clears but man are they beautiful!


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Re: Focal Headphone - Discussion
« Reply #43 on: 12 Jun 2024, 11:44 am »
Have been enjoying the Clear OG since their inception.
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