Introducing: Haiku RCA

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Introducing: Haiku RCA
« on: 2 Sep 2022, 04:31 pm »

Hapa Audio is proud to present:

Haiku is the first Aerogel RCA cable and the most sophisticated instrument developed by Hapa Audio to date. Haiku uses silver so high in purity it would make a jeweler blush and a design that would get their nod of approval. However, don’t be mistaken by its looks, Haiku wasn’t designed for beauty, it was designed with a singular purpose in mind, the highest fidelity possible from an interconnect period.

0.1 g/cm³

Aerogel Dielectric
The most sonically transparent dielectric possible. Hapa Audio invented the use Aerogel dielectrics in cabling. Now it’s an integral part of our state of the art flagship design.

Utilizing Hapa Audio’s patented Aerogel dielectric and proprietary Nano-polish technology, the heart of Haiku is comprised of our most sophisticated technology to date; A nano-scale polished pure silver UPOCC wire suspended in aerogel, clad in the most advanced shield we have created.

The signal core
Ultra pure OHNO continuous cast silver meticulously polished to 120 nanometer refinement, verified with advanced microscope optics over days of painstaking work yields a precision engineered signal core, suspended entirely in Aerogel. All done in-house.

That is the heart of Haiku.

Another first from Hapa Audio - Lattice shielding
Haiku utilizes a shield that is unparalleled. Figuratively and literally. Unparalleled in its beauty, unparalleled in its geometric sophistication, and most importantly unparalleled in its orientation to the signal core.

Lattice shielding geometry is designed to run perpendicular at its closest point to the signal core, reducing crosstalk to a statistical minimum. Unlike conventional shielding which encases the signal core in a metal barrier or a simplistic twisted pair which exhibits very poor shielding properties, Haiku utilizes a shield that reduces loss of signal quality via crosstalk with shielding without compromising the effectiveness of the shield. Composed of pure silver Litz combined with a passive carbon fiber shield, the Lattice geometry allows for ideal shielding without reducing micro dynamics, macro-dynamics or detail within the signal. Lattice represents the most advanced shielding technology Hapa Audio has created. All handmade in-house.

Haiku- end to end pure silver
Lattice shielding technology is composed entirely of silver, the signal conductor entirely of UPOCC Nano-polished silver and yes, the connectors are also 100% silver. For Haiku, Hapa Audio selected ETI Silver Link pure silver connectors. These stunning connectors are machined (not stamped or rolled) from ingots of pure silver for both the signal pin and shield pins. A remarkable achievement by the team at ETI and the only RCA connector available on the planet that is on equal footing with Haiku’s design.

Lens Labels
Silica dioxide - depending on what context you are using, SiO2 might refer to sand, the quartz crystal heartbeat of a watch, glass, or it might refer to Aerogel. In the case of Haiku, Silica dioxide based Aerogel is utilized for the signal core dielectric. As an homage to this groundbreaking material, Haiku uses hand cut, polished and blowtorched glass tubes for labels all done by hand in-house. The Lens Labels are an artistic touch, designed to give you a closer look at our pure silver Lattice geometry and carbon fiber shield.  The labels are installed on the inside of the glass tube and then the glass tubes are filled with optical grade epoxy creating this stunning lensing effect.

Hearing is believing
I am selecting individuals here on Audiocircle to audition Haiku in their reference systems. I will be sending out a 1.5 meter pair and 1 meter pair of Haiku as well as 1 meter of the new Aero Ag USB to ride shotgun with Haiku. First up will be the Tucson Audiophile crew, WGH has graciously volunteered to coordinate. Once they have had first crack I am opening up to folks interested in reviewing Haiku in their own setups. TOUR FULL This particular tour will consist of approximately 5 individuals. If you would like to be considered I will have a form for the tour soon. If you are interested in purchasing a set of Haiku for your system, please contact me for a quote.

Credit: All photography artistically taken by Tegan K of Tegan K Studios
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Re: Introducing....
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Re: Introducing....
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aerogel cable
it makes a jeweler blush



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Re: Introducing: Haiku
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Email sent....


Re: Introducing: Haiku
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We’ve got 2 slots left for the tour after Tucson group. PM me or email to be considered.  :thumb:

Early B.

Re: Introducing: Haiku
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When will XLRs be available?


Re: Introducing: Haiku
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Those look great!


Re: Introducing: Haiku
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Those look great!

Thank you! They sound even better than they look.  :o

When will XLRs be available?

There is not an immediate release imminent for an XLR version, though I think it’s fair to say it is an area of intense interest for me.

The tour has been filled folks. I’ll post an update soon.


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Re: Introducing: Haiku
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Oh Boy!  Time to break out the checkbook.  This has my name written all over it.


Re: Introducing: Haiku
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Oh Boy!  Time to break out the checkbook.  This has my name written all over it.

Let me know my friend. Haiku is mind melting fidelity.

We now have 6 on the tour. You guys rock! I can’t accept any more at this time though.


Re: Introducing: Haiku
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I've been listening to Haiku all day, you guys are in for a treat. I'm running a full loom: AerØ Ag USB and 2 pair Haiku RCA interconnects.
Reviews in a week.



Re: Introducing: Haiku
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Folks who have requested to be on the Haiku tour-

I sent out an email to people who expressed an interest in Haiku. If you did not receive an email send me a PM and I’ll add you to the list! I apologize, usually I do a tour form, but this one filled up before I even had a chance to make the form.

If I have any positions open up I will let you all know here and first to pm me will be on the tour.  :thumb:


Re: Introducing: Haiku
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I have decided to open up the tour to a few more folks. Currently I have 4 participants, one of which currently has the cables in their setup. I am willing to add 2 more folks for now. Please follow the form and fill it out. First come first served. I do need to limit this tour to forum members that meet my arbitrary condition of being 'known' AC members. If you have less than 50ish posts I apologize, I cannot have you on this particular tour.