New Vista Spark amp and Focal Chorus 807v

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New Vista Spark amp and Focal Chorus 807v
« on: 11 Jun 2020, 07:13 pm »
I've had my new vista amp for a few weeks now and just wanted to share how impressed I am by this little thing.

I come from a Denon AVR 1911 amp paired with FOCAL Chorus 807v that was musically really good. But I kept on using it turning all the bells and whistles and digital features off, so I figured that I should look for something simpler and focused on sound quality.

Then I realized that I need something simpler but small, wanting to fit it all in a credenza that was limited in depth. I quickly zero-ed in on a NAD (the only AB amp that had affordability and depth that I could deal with) but not being a big fan of NAD and loving warmer tones, I started to really study it and look for reviews.
Finally found Steve Guttenberg's video reviews, and found exactly what I was looking for: an amp that is small, just enough power to drive my speakers and nothing but basic switches and volume knob.

First of all, I have the feeling that my speakers are just on the bottom edge of what can drive them properly.

But now the sound:

I am rediscovering my music. When Denon was all about power, strength and intensity, Spark is all about balance, refinement, restraint and subtlety.
The sound is full, detailed, but not "heavy" like the Denon was. I sometime regret not having the bang that came out of the Denon -- but then I would get surprised her, there, always, about some details that never heard before coming out of the Spark.

Listening to some opera CDs through my Cambridge Audio CD player brought tears to my eyes, excitement to my ears.
Listening to Barocco and Chamber music recordings brought smile to my face
Listening to Jazz live recordings placed me in the middle of the public.
Listening to some cheezy 80s rock was just like I remembered it
Listening to classic Rock.... well this is where the spark starts to get a little... should I say "flat"?

Classic Rock and modern music is where I am having a bit of difficulties... this is what made me think that maybe I'm on the bottom edge of what is good for my speakers? it is missing a bit of "humpf" -- maybe it is part of that subtlety or understated personality.

All in all, I love it! love the sound, love the presentation, love the footprint and look.
I changed the volume knob to something a bit more substantial.
Here are some pics



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Re: New Vista Spark amp and Focal Chorus 807v
« Reply #1 on: 12 Jun 2020, 01:11 pm »
Dear Nicolas,

Welcome to Audiocircle!

Thank you very much for taking time to write such a glowing and detailed review  :notworthy:  I am super happy that you enjoy your Spark  :singing:

Nice people, like you, giving a chance to small businesses and appreciating effort that goes into design and manufacturing are what keeps me motivated and confident that we have a good future ahead!