Cayin Tri-Stack / Allnic Tube, a Headphone/Desktop System by uptildawn53

Cayin - Allnic - Utopia ~w Clear Pro RED Pads
System Overview
Desktop USB Setup in My office is primary. I also maintain 2 Sony AVR surround systems ( lvgrm and recrm ( 3D and 4K )
Music Preferences
Soft Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Romance
Listening Impressions
I like slightly dark / musical yet natural and expansive soundstage, hence more open back HP's - thought the Z1R do just fine for closed !
Other Comments
All Custom Cables throughout - ( Norne, Moon Black Dragon, JDS, Acrtic, Cardas Headphone Cables ).... Pangea and 3rd Party via CAM
Power Amp
( Office ) Cayin Tri-Stack >>> Cayin iHA-6 AMP, Cayin iDAC-6 DAC MK2 and Cayin iDAP-6 Streamer ~w Schiit Loki. Allnic HPA 3000-GT Tube Amp
( Current ) Sony MDR-Z1R, Audeze LCD-4, Sennheiser HD800S, Focal Utopia, Abyss Diana v1, Fostex TH900MKII.
Tuning and Tweaks
PS Audio Quintessence Power Conditioner - Pangea Audio AC-9 MKII Power Cable, Schiit Loki, Ifi Purifier2
Other Components
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Aura ( 256 + 400 ( SD ) GB / 12GB Ram Model and Asus ProArt W700G3T-XH99 StudioBook 17 Workstation Laptop