Hapa Holidays Sale and Torsion Speaker Cables Tour!

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Hapa Holidays Sale and Torsion Speaker Cables Tour!
« on: 22 Nov 2022, 06:35 pm »
Torsion Tour

Alrighty, the masses have spoken and despite holiday craziness, I have been convinced to go ahead and launch the Torsion Tour during the Holidays!!! I have the info for the tour on the form as well as pricing on the form. Please keep in mind, if you are on vacation during the holidays (lets say through late Jan early Feb) you can list the conflicts on the bottom of the form and I will do everything in my power to arrange around your schedule! :singing:

Holiday coupons

We are bringing back our holiday coupon and it's better than ever! From now until Christmas we will be taking 15% off of any purchase of a regular priced item (including Torsion! Take an additional 15% off of the listed pricing on the tour form)! Items already on sale still qualify for an additional 10% off of sales price!!!!

Use coupon codes:
hapa holidays 15 - non-sale items
hapa holidays 10 - sale items

I'd love to get builds going for folks ASAP for the Holidays. I will do my utmost to get orders out in time for whichever holiday you observe! PM for special requests and sales related questions.  :thumb:

*offer does not apply to previous purchases nor bundled deals.


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Re: Hapa Holidays Sale and Torsion Speaker Cables Tour!
« Reply #1 on: 22 Nov 2022, 07:15 pm »
I have a pair of the silver Torsions in my upstairs 2 channel system.  I won't do a full review of these because you can sign up for the tour and hear them for yourself.  But there are a couple things that are really remarkable about them that I don't think Jason emphasizes enough, because he's fairly modest.

1st, they are strikingly beautiful.  When you see them in person, they look like audio art.  When I spend a lot of money on something I want it to look good as well as sound good.  Jason takes a lot of care and pride in creating things that look beautiful and badass. 

2nd, the sheer amount of work and labor that goes into these things is incredible.  Jason does not just grab a bunch of off they shelf cables, slap on some connectors and tech flex and call it a day.  No, each cable is created as a bespoke piece of art.  Let's put it this way - every single conductor is hand polished by Jason for HOURS and HOURS and HOURS until it is a mirror so perfect you have to look at it through an electron microscope to see any imperfections.  And that's only ONE step of the build process.  It's utterly insane. 

As for sound, I'll be honest, I usually don't buy cables from audio manufacturers because I can build my own cables as good or better than what most manufacturers offer.  The one exception is Hapa.  There's no way in hell I can build to the level that Hapa does.  Not even close.  And the result is that the Hapa Torsion cables blow away anything else I've heard.  They completely elevate my entire system.  Putting them in (for me) was like upgrading all of my components, all at once. 


Re: Hapa Holidays Sale and Torsion Speaker Cables Tour!
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 06:23 pm »
I’ve been out with the flu, but nothing can stop this tour! We have 7 folks who have signed up already! I will be closing the tour form today so get in while you can.  :thumb:

On another note, I am going to have special items on sale to clean out some of the pieces I’ve built for the most recent tours! Keep an eye open, I’ll be dropping these at special prices and most of them are single piece items at one time only pricing.  :thumb: