Introducing Audiomis

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Introducing Audiomis
« on: 5 May 2024, 08:27 am »
I discovered while searching for a speaker company to share a booth with Nuprime at the High End 2024 Munich show. Despite having no international sales and relying solely on word of mouth, Audiomis has built a reputation for exceptional products in China over the past four years. The reviews of their MC4-SE and MC5 speakers have been exceptional. According to the reviews by Chinese audiophiles, MC4-SE outperforms several well-known speakers costing much more (not professional for me to mention here as I did not personally make the comparison).  I've agreed to manage Audiomis, due to their outstanding value and quality.
Audiomis's team consists of classical musicians who specialize in crafting string instruments, and their CEO co-owns a factory that develops and manufactures speakers. She founded Audiomis out of passion, and her dedication to quality and value resonates with me. Their product plan aligns with Nuprime's, offering.  Audiomis is similar to where Nuprime was in 2015 and I can help plan the product line.

For those interested in introductory promotional discounts for specific models, email (or PM me)
Resellers also contact me.


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Re: Introducing Audiomis
« Reply #1 on: 6 May 2024, 02:49 pm »
Best of luck with the new endeavor!

John Casler

Re: Introducing Audiomis
« Reply #2 on: 7 May 2024, 02:26 am »
Jason is sending me a couple pair to demo.

I'll report back, after putting them through their paces.

John Casler

Re: Introducing Audiomis
« Reply #3 on: 30 Jun 2024, 06:50 pm »
Jason is sending me a couple pair to demo.

I'll report back, after putting them through their paces.

Finally got to give these the burn in and listening time, and here is the evaluation:

I have been auditioning 2 new pairs of speakers from Audiomis, the MC4-SE and MC5 Passive Bookshelf Model Speakers.

These speakers are small in size, one smaller with a 4.5" woofer, and the other slightly bigger in size to accommodate a 5" woofer.

In general, their sonic values are quite similar with the MC5 having a tad, but clearly more noticeable bass.  I might think that the smaller MC4-SE would be directed more towards a desk-top systems, or a small room environment, while the MC5 could be used in a larger environment, or even a small Multichannel System.  These ARE NOT however designed for extremely high db listening, but they do play crisp and clear at surprisingly high volume levels. 

Both are beautifully finished in a couple finish choices. Please see the accompanying photos for finishes.  Both are rear "slot" ported with high quality 5 way binding posts. They come with black grills which I removed for listening evaluations.  The MC4-SE has pegged grill attachments, and the MC5 magnetic.

The MC4-SE is priced at $1099 us per pair
The MC5 is $1279 us per pair

Finish options are Walnut and the Exotic Zebra.  I would say if it is in the budget, the MC5 is a no brainer.

See specs below:

Specifications MC4-SE :
Tweeter: 1-inch special damping-coated silk diaphragm.
Woofer: 4.5-inch special damping-coated PP (polypropylene) diaphragm bass
Impedance: 4Ω
Sensitivity: 85dB/2.83V@1m
Rated Power:
Measured Frequency response: 60Hz - 20kHz
Crossover Frequency: 3kHz
Crossover Design: First-order low pass, third-order high pass
Dimension (WxHxD): 7" x 11.5" x 9.5"
Gross Weight:
Colour: Zebra, Walnut

Specifications MC5:
Tweeter: 1-inch special damping-coated silk diaphragm
Woofer: 5-inch special damping-coated PP (polypropylene) diaphragm bass
Impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 86dB
Rated Power: 20W-100W
Measured Frequency response: 55Hz ~ 23kHz
Crossover Frequency: 2.8KHz
Crossover Design: First-order low pass, third-order high pass
Dimension (WxHxD): 18cm x 30cm x 24cm
Gross Weight: 11.2 kg
Colour: Matte Black/White, Walnut

Brief Comparison:

While the smaller Bookshelf Speaker market is a crowded space, these do stand out in almost every area.

I recently had significant experience with the KEF LS50 Meta $1599 pair, which is a highly regarded speaker from respected manufacture.
These two models range from $1099 to $1279, so you can see they are easier on the bank account.

The LS50's special sauce is generally its imaging and soundstage presentation.  All in all, these two will match or exceed in soundstage, presence, imaging, lower bass, clean highs, and dynamics.

Than means the only reason one might consider the higher priced KEF, would be if you preferred the appearance over the other.

Listening Impressions:

Needless to say, these speakers do not respond to a high degree in the lower bass realm.  That said, they do produce usable bass with a close to perfect placement.  I noticed quite impressive bass (for their woofer size) while walking around my listening room, so I know they DO produce those frequencies.

Of course these can be used as nearfield desktop monitors, or on 24-28" stands.  For desktops, the MC4-SE would be an exceptional choice due to the smaller size.  For stands, I like taller stands which also affects the height of the images and soundstage.  Vertical dispersion, does not seem like a problem, although you will certainly want to be seated for any serious listening.   For your use, the height will depend on your Seated Height at your Listening Position.  Those less fastidious listeners who just want to hear the wonderful tone and texture of great recordings, can actually place them on any bookshelf when not worried about imaging or soundstage, only beautiful music.

My listening room is a conventual Living Room of an irregular 20' x 30' x 9' size.  Speakers were placed about 4' from the front wall on 24" stands

Listening System:

OPPO UDP 105 (source)
ARCAM AV41 Preamp Processor (in Direct Mode)
NuPRIME MCX-2 amplifier (550wpc x 2)
NuFORCE Speaker Cables
NuPRIME AC-3 Power Conditioner
Audiomis,  MC4-SE and MC5 bookshelf systems

I chose my review cuts on special cuts that allow me to hear precise elements I am very familiar with, and have heard on hundreds of systems and gear.

Review cuts:

Keith Don't Go - Nils Lofgren
While this is an old and often used demo cut, it can provide you with a lot of sonic elements that are either there, or not.  Particularly impressive in the the opening acoustic guitar.  On a great speaker the notes will produce very clear and detailed sounds.  While heavy on detail both and sonic density, both the speakers were precise, and produce sonic information so pristine that give you the "you are there" sensation, and it helps that this is a Live album.  Nils Lofgren's voice is properly placed and sized in the Soundstage Images

The Ballad of Bill Hubbard - Roger Waters
This is a cut to see if your speakers are properly "phased".  It was recorded in Q-Sound and relies on exact phasing to produce images outside of a normal soundstages capabilities
While you can listen to the whole cut, you will be able to determine if your speakers a properly phased by only listening through a few minutes.  You must also be in the "sweet spot" for it to be accurate.  As the cut begins, you will hear crickets and cicadas, and a stream running close by.  Then you SHOULD hear a dog bark to a hard right well OUTSIDE of the right speaker, so real initially you may think it the neighbors dog.  Then a few moments later you will hear what sounds like a radio Home Shopping conversation, which then appears to come to well outside the left speaker.

If you don't hear this as I described, then your speakers are out of phase, or you room reflections are unbalanced to degrade precision imaging.

Amazing Grace - Bella Fleck and the Flecktones featuring Victor Wooten on bass.
I selected this cut to evaluate the BASS response of these speakers, and I didn't expect much. However, while there is NO DEEP bass the existing Bass Harmonics and Textures are produced with excellent precision  This is also a live cut, which I like to use to see how well a speaker produces spatial cues and ambiance. . .Both these speakers do not disappoint in that regard. Bass Attack, Dynamics, Decay, Detail, and Balance are well represented.

All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
Oftentimes speakers will sound good with Audiophile Recordings, but not so good with older cuts, so I included this version of this Dylan piece by Hendrix, and was MORE than pleased with the results.  While this is pretty Hard Rock, this cut really showed the ability of these speakers to track any levels of production, new and old.  Guitar was perfect, detailed, clear, and guttural.  Hendrick's Vocals were also front and center, and a bit forward.

I also listened to Tears for Fears (Seeds of Love), Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven where the opening Jimmy Page acoustic guitar was flawlessly reproduced heaven), Josh Groban (To Where you Are), The Beach Boys (Kokomo), and a well done Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky (The Great Gate of Kiev was unforgettably rousing).

Each and every cut was precise, pleasing, and dynamic.  Nowhere at the volume levels I used (around 75-85db peak) did either speaker get flustered, or out of shape.  While I did not explore the upper volume capabilities, I never heard any break up, distortions, or even ruffled feathers, just pure pristine sonic virtues.

All in all, these are special speakers, at a reasonable price, for their intended uses in various systems.  Check out the website and see that they also make "active" speakers, a tube preamp, and a Subwoofer, in case you require a little deeper bass.


Re: Introducing Audiomis
« Reply #4 on: 30 Jun 2024, 07:30 pm »
If you’re curious why I’m promoting Audiomis despite being the CEO of Nuprime, here are the reasons:
I met the owner of Audiomis at High End Show in Munich in May and came away very impressed with her vision and product plan. So I visited her team in June and decided to manage Audiomis brand. 

If you’re seeking 2-way speakers under $3,000 and want overall accuracy and balance, I don’t think you’ll find anything that sounds better than the MC5 or MC4.

Contact John Casler directly for a promotional discount.

If you can write detailed review and curious about Audiomis, and want to check it out, PM me to arrange for audition.