OLED Display

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OLED Display
« on: 5 Apr 2024, 08:55 pm »
The OLED display assembly has now been updated to Rev E. I've retained the same 256x64 pixel white-on-black 16 bit grayscale OLED module as I've been using for the past couple of years. The update involves a newer smaller Rev E adapter board. The design retains the same cabling/connections to the V25/V3/V4 boards as before. Likewise for the encoder. The adapter board also incorporates the IR receiver module which is now on the right hand side of the display. All in the all, the OLED display assembly is looking very trim, neat and functional.

To be clear, most older OLED displays will also work with the new V4 board however the earliest Rev A & B OLED displays will not.

I really do need to put together a video demonstrating the OLED display being used together with the new V4 board. Should have done that long ago for the V3 as well.