A two channel system in progress........, a Two-channel Audio System by Kinger

Standing shot of the gear from the listening position.
Room Size
17'x15' with speakers setup on the long wall.
System Overview
After leaving my audio setup largely unchanged for about 8 years, I decided it was time to change things up and do some upgrading while I was at it.
Music Preferences
A little bit of everything for the most part. Pink Floyd, Genesis, AKUS, Nickel Creek, Massive Attack, Fourplay for example..........
Room Description
Just your typical family room.
Acoustic Treatment
Elite Bass Pillar by GIK in the corner to the right of the right speaker. (Not shown in picture.)
Media Storage
1TB external hard drive storing Apple Lossless rips of my CD's.
Digital Source
Squeezebox Touch into an Eastern Electric DAC with tube output
Analog Source
Rega P3 with Ortofon blue mm cart
Other Sources
Panasonic Bluray Player
Signal Processors
Velodyne SMS-1 for the sub
Audio By Van Alstine T8
Power Amp
Audio by Van Alstine Insight 240 in small chassis
Salk SongTowers with LCY Ribbon Tweeters
Rythmik F12
Speaker Cable
Radio Shack 16 guage
Sweet Spot Reveals
Denon AHD2000's
Bell O' TV Stand
Power Cond
Belkin PF31