Elevating Watt Puppy's

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Elevating Watt Puppy's
« on: 18 Mar 2023, 09:51 pm »
New member here, but a long-time hobbies.

Recently, it was recommended that Watt Puppys would produce a taller sound stage by simply putting the speakers on platforms. Makes sense, and has anyone in the forum done this successfully?  Any recommendations for platforms?


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Re: Elevating Watt Puppy's
« Reply #1 on: 19 Mar 2023, 11:12 am »
Welcome to AC  :thumb:
I my experience I believe you will need a 20/25cm tall MDF sandbox.
I still have my boxes they size 22/38/38cm, weight around 35kg/each.

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Re: Elevating Watt Puppy's
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