AVA/Dynaco Preamp Impedance Matching

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AVA/Dynaco Preamp Impedance Matching
« on: 21 Mar 2023, 02:25 pm »
I have a Dynaco PAS 3, an AVA PAS 4i, and AVA FET Valve CF RB and am considering a AVA FET Valve CF for my new studio room. I have mostly high impedance amplifiers but also have an old QUAD 303. Do any of these preamp's output impedance require a high impedance power amplifier? What is the downside/impact of not having a proper impedance match?


Re: AVA/Dynaco Preamp Impedance Matching
« Reply #1 on: 21 Mar 2023, 02:38 pm »
All our preamps have a low < 1000 ohm output impedance that will drive any power amplifier.  The old Super  Pas is 10k ohms but still works fine with any of our power amplifiers.