T10 > SET 120 .. too much gain?

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T10 > SET 120 .. too much gain?
« on: 7 Mar 2023, 04:37 pm »
I purchased a new pair of pre and power amp from AVA last year ( Transcendence 10 & SET 120 )
They truly have been game changing for me.  I do swap various things in and out on occasion including a 3watt SET, but everytime this combo is playing, I’m always pretty much blown away by how alive the music sounds and how full range and balanced it is.
I’m using a pair of very easy to drive Fritz Carbon 7 SE mk2 speakers with the series crossover which, makes what on paper seems like a medium efficient speaker, in realty perform like a much higher efficiency speaker.
The combo is superb for me , although I’m not deeply experienced with a lot of high end speakers.
My question relates to the gain in both the preamp and the power amp.
With these Fritz speakers , my volume knob is very rarely, if ever, above the 8:00 level on the T10.

It’s my understanding that the T10 has 20dB of gain and the SET 120 has 27dB.

As I said the pairing sounds great, but am I just throwing a lot of gain away across the volume pot?
In my case, with these specific speakers, would it make sense to have a lowe gain preamp?
Could the gain of my existing T10 be adjusted downward?
Including a pic of my preamp volume setting playing in my room actually louder than I normally play it.


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Re: T10 > SET 120 .. too much gain?
« Reply #1 on: 7 Mar 2023, 04:40 pm »
Relax and enjoy!


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Re: T10 > SET 120 .. too much gain?
« Reply #2 on: 7 Mar 2023, 07:42 pm »
I’ve got the same setup powering 805 D3’s and they’re the same 88db sensitivity. With my streamer it’s around 8:00, records a little higher. I think it largely comes down to just not needing much wattage to fill my room with these bookshelves. If I had 3 way floor standing something that needed more oomph I’d expect it to be higher. I’d relax and enjoy the music unless you really need a wider adjustment range to control the volume. I figure the closer I am to max volume the closer I am to distortion so at only 8:00 there’s plenty of headroom and I’m sitting pretty.


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Re: T10 > SET 120 .. too much gain?
« Reply #3 on: 8 Mar 2023, 12:30 am »
I use to own Fritz speakers, they are very nice

If your source is digital, you always turn down the gain on the player/dac so you can get the amp to do a little more work. 


Re: T10 > SET 120 .. too much gain?
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We can set the gain of your preamp down by 6 DB if you want this done.

We need to see the preamp back here to do this.

Minimum bench charge of $50 plus shipping.



Re: T10 > SET 120 .. too much gain?
« Reply #5 on: 8 Mar 2023, 06:37 pm »
Thanks for the input ...
As I stated, the pairing is producing a stellar sound.
Frank, I may be calling you to investigate doing this along with routing the headphone output to one of the pre-amp outs , which (I believe) you said would give a 47 Ohm output.
thanks again