Audio Basics' Continued Relevance in 2023

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Audio Basics' Continued Relevance in 2023
« on: 7 Mar 2023, 02:31 am »
I thought I knew a lot about audio. And then I started poring over Audio Basics and I am learning so much! Although the early these newsletters were written over 40 years ago, they are still relevant. Thank you, Frank for making Audio Basics available! I didn't know I had so much to learn.

What I learned today:
1. If you have trampoline floors (I do), good luck experiencing tight bass. (My bass is OK not great and I would like to see if it can be improved. My floorboards are accessible in the basement. I sense a project coming.)
2. "Frequency shaping controls cannot correct for room reflection problems, for the problems are dynamic spurious resonances, not simple frequency response deviations. The correction is to remove the resonances and reflections from the room, or remove the system from that room." Agreed
3. Conventional speakers will sound bad when in same room as planar speakers. And, planar speakers were sold because they sounded good in comparison to conventional speakers. It totally makes sense.

P.S. Author Fred Kofman says there are two types of people. Knowers and Learners. Learners admit that they don't know. And that enables them to learn. Knowers know. They are never bashful about letting you how much they know. Knowers are not so great to work with, because they are never wrong. It is never their fault. Ever.