AVA modified Magnavox CD player

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AVA modified Magnavox CD player
« on: 27 Feb 2023, 04:22 pm »
Not something you see everyday
I just noticed this for sale on US Audio Mart
No relation to seller , just thought it interesting.
I wonder what the mods were.

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Re: AVA modified Magnavox CD player
« Reply #1 on: 27 Feb 2023, 10:06 pm »
A 35 year old entry level Magnavox CDP that sometimes pops up on eBay for around $15 or in thrift stores for $10. Granted.. these are not modified by Van Alstine, but $250  :lol:  A quick look at what this person has for sale reveals a lot of wishful pricing on their part  :scratch:


Re: AVA modified Magnavox CD player
« Reply #2 on: 28 Feb 2023, 12:14 am »
From the same time period, late in the 1980's, Frank also modded the Magnavox CDB610 CD into a Trancendence Two CD player

"This was a very good CD player in its day but its day was many years ago.  The Magnavox CDB610 CD player had two new solid state AVA current to voltage amplifiers installed internally, along with their power supply and the first stages of the analog filters. The external box contains two hybrid vacuum tube final analog filters and output circuits (not room to fit it all inside the chassis) and their power supply. The external box is only appropriate for this particular design.

"The weak spot in the unit now is that Philips Magnavox no longer supplies repair parts for the basic 610 CD player.  CD players in general are now considered throwaway items, not units to repair.  The top bearing plate, a 25 cent easy to replace nylon part that is the most likely wear item is no longer available, and when it dimples from the pressure of the steel ball bearing riding on it, CDs will no longer track properly, especially the first (inside) tracks where the disk is spinning the fastest."

From a post on Audiokarma:
    I found out some further information on the Transcendence Two cd player:-
    "We supply five complete new circuit boards with all discrete Transcendence active circuitry. Each circuit uses matched fet input pairs, matched pair current mirrors and current sources, class A current sourced pre-drivers, and LH0002CN current amplifier output stages. The Transcendence circuits also demand an enhanced power supply, so we install a complete new zener shunt regulated power supply card with very substantial additional filtering sections for the raw supply and the audio boards separately."
    This is from a 1987 catalog.
    Prices for a new North American Philips [Magnavox] 460 - 1460 - 2460 chassis.
    FET Three CD player $295.00
    FET Three plus CD player $495.00
    Transcendence CD player $870.00
    Optional IR remote control $50.00


Re: AVA modified Magnavox CD player
« Reply #3 on: 28 Feb 2023, 01:50 am »
Thanks for that information
just to be clear, I wasn't interested in purchasing the unit, just thought it was cool that Frank was modding consumer CD players back then.