Insight+ sl preamplifier/dac combo

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Insight+ sl preamplifier/dac combo
« on: 10 Feb 2023, 12:22 am »
I'm sure some of you have seen the used Insight+ SL preamp/dac unit on the AVA website.
My AVA RB10 preamp / SET120 poweramp combo has truly changed my audio enjoyment life this past year so I'm thinking that this older model preamp may be a smart move for my 2A3 SET amp for my apt in NYC.
It's a little more than I was thinking of spending but is probably a great deal given the phono stage and dac and warranty.  I've also been thinking maybe something newer and more modern, like a streamer/power dac in front of my tube amp could be nice...but I keep coming back to thinking about this Insight+.

So ...I'm curious if anyone can share some info about this unit. I've looked through the posts and am still a bit confused.
Does anyone know the dac chip used and the general topology for the analog preamp section?
I believe this has op-amp stages?

As mentioned my home amp has been an RB10 Trancendence preamp / SET 120 amp fed by a Denefrips Ares ii Dac and driving Fritz Carbon 7 monitors.
It has been a real pleasure to stream albums daily on this system.
Thanks in advance

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Re: Insight+ sl preamplifier/dac combo
« Reply #1 on: 10 Feb 2023, 02:57 am »
I believe the Insight DACS used the Wolfson Microelectronics chip, it doesn't handle the higher resolutions. Otherwise nice for casual listening.

You could also ask Frank about my Vision EC Hybrid DAC that is still in his shop. He might give you a great deal on it.


Re: Insight+ sl preamplifier/dac combo
« Reply #2 on: 10 Feb 2023, 04:19 pm »
This is an all opamp based design using the best parts we could find at the time.

The DAC section has a coax digital input.  It was our second generation design using a Wolfson digital chip.  It can be optimized for either 44/16 or up to 192/24 playback by moving one jumper on the DAC circuit board.

It is very nice sounding and is in excellent overall condition.