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« on: 3 Feb 2023, 01:11 pm »
Dear Frank, I loved Audio Basics. I did your ARXA turntable mods for me and a friend. I have something to add. The cone bearings for adjustment are screwed into a piece of nylon or plastic that is glued into the tone arm vertical bearings. There is no dimple or hole where the cone bearings are screwed into. I just remembered, the nylon looking stuff is called Delrin. My Delrin piece magnified looked like the craters on the moon,there was not a specific hole for the cone. I took a 3/32 drill and it perfectly drilled the Delrin out. It was the perfect size and caused no damage to the tone arm. K and S brass at the hobby store,where I got my Grado Longhorn brass channel had a brass or bronze tube that was 3/32. It fit perfectly where the Delrin had been.I used a small hack saw to cut it to fit into the AR arm mount, where the Delrin came out. I used some clear caulking around the brass tube to fill in the microscopic surfaces.let dry over night.Cleaning up with a toothpick and alchohol I had a damped tone arm better than before. Instead of a pitted,holy Delrin to screw in my cone bearings I now had a brass bearing to screw the cones into.I filled that 3/32 tube sealed into the top of the tone arm post ,cleaned with Q-tips/alchohol after filling the tube with the very lubricant I bought from you in 1981, the lube I sent away for you recommended. Lastly, adjusting the cone bearings to your directions I put a tiny drop of clear caulking in the top threads and on top of the cone once adjustment is made. Then let dry and clean up any mess with Q-tip/ alchohol. When you need to readjust the cones, which are now damped and covered with a tiny dab of caulking,use a toothpick like your finger when you get the most out of a (Jello Shot). The caulking comes right out like Jello .Clean up with Q/tip and you can readjust your bearings and recaulk according to your AR instructions. You made audio fun for me Frank and I'm still addicted like ever. Using a Dyna 35 you spiffed up for me a while back and it couldn't be better....sincerely Mark Korda.