Spark with DIY Soundgroup Helix speakers

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Spark with DIY Soundgroup Helix speakers
« on: 30 Dec 2022, 06:24 pm »
My son asked me for advice regarding a second, small room audio system. I thought of pairing the Spark with DIY bookshelf MT speakers - the Helix. One concern was if the 88 dB sensitivity, 8 ohm nominal impedance would be an issue. The worry was unfounded. Here is my Helix build thread:

We compared the Spark with much more expensive amplifiers incl. Almarro A318B and Atma-Sphere S30. The Atma-Sphere was able to play louder and drive the low end with more authority but otherwise the Spark held its own. In my relatively large living room (15 x 25 x 8 ft) the Spark played reasonably loud with a beautiful mid range and smooth, non-aggressive highs.

A great little amplifier!


Re: Spark with DIY Soundgroup Helix speakers
« Reply #1 on: 31 Dec 2022, 03:02 pm »
Hey Boris,

Thank you for the post! It is always great to hear that willingness to experiment and listen wins over a theoretical amplifier power - speaker sensitivity debate  :D

I checked your post on the Helix build and you and your son demonstrated some real skills, the end result looks really nice and it's great that it sounds good too!

Thanks again and I wish you Happy, Healthy and good sounding 2023!

the other Boris  :thumb: