Spatial Audio X1's/Vinnie Rossi LIO/Hypex FA502's For Sale

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Hi All,

I have a mint pair of Black/Steel Grey X1's for sale. I also have the Vinnie Rossi LIO with the X1 crossover module. I also had Clayton program a pair of Hypex amps (FA502) so the X1's can be used with the preamp of your choice. My room was far to small for these speakers, I ended downsizing to the M3 Sapphires which are much more suited for my size room. I have the X1's stored along with the the Vinnie Rossi. I will get the specs on the LIO and post pictures when I return home from a business trip. I know Clayton is still out on medical leave, but Clayton had stated in an earlier conversation that he would be happy to assist with any questions to a potential buyer. I am the original owner of all the gear. I am located in Connecticut. I am looking to get 8k for the whole system, or $4500 for the X1's, $2500 for the LIO, and $1000 for the Hypex amps.

Best regards,
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