Audiophile Style Products of the Decade

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Audiophile Style Products of the Decade
« on: 19 Dec 2019, 12:04 pm »
Here are the Audiophile Style Products of the Decade for Hardware, Software, and Music.

Hardware - Rendu Series

It all started with the microRendu in 2016. This was a product that nobody had previously built. What’s more, the team at Sonore and Small Green Computer, with engineering by John Swenson, took this product to a level that wasn’t just necessary or sufficient, it was extreme. A custom tiny computer with a custom operating system wasn’t even on the radar of most audiophiles. In fact many had to be educated on why they’d want or need such a product

Software - Roon

By far the single product that has taken HiFi by storm the quickest and has produced the largest number of fans is Roon. Roon was a game changer for many in HiFi and is the Audiophile Style Product of the Decade for software.

Music - Qobuz

Qobuz has so much going for it that the other services can’t currently match. It’s embedded into apps from Lumin, Aurender, NAD, Bluesound, Roon, Auralic, and more. In addition, its desktop and mobile apps are head and shoulders above the competition. The fact that we can stream bit perfect high resolution music up through 24 bit / 192 kHz and view the PDF booklet for many albums is a dream come true for many of us. This is a service created by music lovers and it clearly shows.

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