2 Channel System, a Two-channel Audio System by WGH

Salk HT2-TL with REL sub
Room Size
L-shaped open area: 14' x 17' x 8' high with a 9.5 x 9.5 kitchen
System Overview
The clear Salk midrange coupled with non-fatiguing highs along with deep bass make for a system that is easy to listen to.
Music Preferences
Digital Source
Custom audio computer with Paul Pang USB card, 2 separate linear regulated ps
Analog Source
harmon/kardon T55C with power supply mod, Goldring 1042
Other Sources
Holo Audio May KTE DAC
Van Alstine Fet Valve CFR preamp, Hagerman Cornet2 phono preamp
Power Amp
Van Alstine Vision SET 400 amp
Salk HT2-TL in custom mesquite veneer, Salk HT2C center speaker
REL Gibraltar G1 MkII
Speaker Cable
Double run of Kimber 4VS speaker wire
Hapa Quiescence GS, Hapa Aero USB, Zenwave D3, Straight Wire Encore II
Power Cables
Custom Imbuya table
Power Cond
Panamax 5410 Pro, 3 Felix filters
Other Components
Anthem AVM 60 surround processor, Van Alstine Insight 3-channel amp, Adcom GFA 7300 5-channel amp, Adcom GFA 5400 2-channel amp, 4 Triad InWall Bronze/4 Surround speakers - Dolby Atmos, 2 Triad OnWall Bronze/4 Surround - surround effects, 2 Custom Vifa Surround - rear effects