Current System, a Two-channel Audio System by newzooreview

Room Size
System Overview
Spatial Audio Sapphire M3 speakers with a Benchmark AHB2 amp and Holo May KTE DAC.
Acoustic Treatment
One 4'x2' ATS 4" thick panel lying lengthwise on the floor behind each speaker. Two diffusers (from Amazon) sitting on top of each of the ATS panels behind each speaker.
Media Storage
All music stored as AIFF (or a few as native DSD) on a Synology NAS. NAS is connected to the same Ubiquiti 24 port switch as the Roon ROCK server.
Digital Source
Roon ROCK server power by an R-core linear power supply from e-bay. This is connected by an Anticables 3.3 Level USB cable with iFi Purifier 3 connected to a Holo May KTE DAC.
Holo Serene KTE edition
Power Amp
Benchmark AHB2 in stereo mode
Spatial Audio Labs M3 Sapphire (Sept. 2021 version with walnut finish)
Speaker Cable
Anticables Level 4.2 Flex speaker cables with banana connectors, 8 feet
DAC to Preamp -- Anticables Level 5.3 XLR (1 meter) Preamp to Amp -- Anticables Level 6.2 RCA (1.5 meter)
Power Cables
Amp, Preamp, and DAC are all using Anticables Level 3 power cords.
The Holo May DAC, Benchmark AHB2 amp, and Serene Preamp are each on a Bright Star IsoNode platform.
Power Cond
Amp, Preamp, and DAC are all plugged into Puritan 156 with Puritan Groundmaster connected to dedicated 8 ft. ground rod outside.