Main Listening Room, a Two-channel Audio System by JonDave

2022 system update
Room Size
24 x 13 x 9
System Overview
Music Preferences
Alternative/indie-rock, jazz, soft rock, classic rock, singer/songwriter, blues, folk, Americana, electronic, bluegrass
Room Description
Acoustic Treatment
DIY acoustic panels (Owens Corning 703), ASC Bass and tube traps, DIY cable elevators, Steven Klein Acoustic Foam and bass traps
Digital Source
PS Audio DirectStream DAC
Audio Research Reference 5SE
Power Amp
Audio Research Reference 250 mono amplifiers
Thiel CS3.6
Speaker Cable
Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator with Active Shielding
Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator XLR interconnects with Active Shielding
Power Cables
Synergistic Research Tesla T3 for amps, preamp and DAC
Power Cond
PS Audio P10 Powerplant with PS Audio Perfect Wave AC-5 Power Cord, dedicated 20 amp circuit with PS Audio Power Port Classic plug