Question for SET 120 Control amp owners....

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Re: Question for SET 120 Control amp owners....
« Reply #40 on: 13 Mar 2024, 12:18 pm »
When I called and talked to Frank about amps and preamps last fall, he steered me toward the DM225's and the Vision SLR w/phono, so this thread is not asking for my feedback, but...  When Frank asked me what I was thinking about in terms of speakers and I told him, he (somewhat firmly) suggested I look at Philharmonic Audio, which I did.  Frank and Dennis (the designer and brains behind Philharmonic) go back a ways.  Anyway, I love love love my HT Towers, and believe they are a match made in heaven w/ my AVA gear.
  Honestly, I had never even heard of them until Frank mentioned them. I've been out of the HiFi hobby for a long time until a couple of years ago when my interest returned so I missed a lot of changes in the industry in the intervening years. So those speakers with their efficiency sound ideal but for my not having room for towers.


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Re: Question for SET 120 Control amp owners....
« Reply #41 on: 13 Mar 2024, 04:54 pm »
Why would anyone roast you, you're intitled to your opinion.

I just meant I know I'll be in the minority on that experience -- I believe there's a whole thread here about how well the LRS pair with the SET 120!

By the way what preamp are you using?

I have a Rogue RP-7, a Quicksilver line stage, and a Tisbury passive as pres and tried them all with the LRS+.  Usually that Rogue with the SET 120 is my go-to pairing.  But my room can get just a little bright at times and when I finally did get a power amp that worked better with the LRS+, I ended up using the Quicksilver more for the slightly smoother top end.