Planar Near-field systems? Does anyone run one? Post your near-field!

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Dear Reader,

What do you run for near-field?

I own KEF-LS50 wireless, Adam A7X, and others for near-field - nothing compares...

I love the sound of Magnepans!

Source: Laptop
DAC: DDRC-24 (DIRAC enabled,)
Power: Bob Carver's Sunfire (400 watts @ 4 ohms x 2 channels - 220w x 7 channels all channels driven,)
Speakers: Magnepan Mini Maggies,
Subwoofers: SVS PB12 x2 (stereo mode.)

Magnepan: There is no substitute.  :D


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I'll bet that sounds good, that Mini Maggie system is really impressive.
Closest I get is LRS which sound like they're in my lap.
The amp on the stool is a conrad-johnson MV-2275 which is now inside the cabinet, I may be replacing that with a 60-80 WPC tube amp in the near future,  we'll see. 


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I guess it would depend on what you consider nearfield.

I sit about six feet from a pair of Soundlab M645s. They are about 6 feet from the back wall. I just put them on spikes and herbies isolation gliders. The level of detail and transparency is insane. With my selection of crappy recordings it’s almost too much.

I.Greyhound Fan

I have a local friend who has a pair of Maggie 1.7's with dual Rythmik subs in a very small room in a near field configuration just sitting about 4' from the speakers and it sounds great.


So here is my room that Larry is talking about.  It is 12x13x8ft.
My MLP is 4.8ft from my ear to the center dot of the speaker and from the inside edge to the front wall is also 4.8ft.  So when I am sitting in The Chair with my feet stretched out on the foot rest, they are about a foot from the speakers.  So yes very near field.  I think it really takes a big chunk of the room equation out of the picture.
The sub traps under each sub make a big difference in my room.

I.Greyhound Fan

Wow Eric, when did you get the Pass gear?  The room looks great.  We need to get together at your place.  What model Pass amp and and Pre?  Which DAC are you using now?