Electrostatic Elation, a Two-channel Audio System by nickspicks

nice shot of all that breathing room, required for true 3-D soundstage presentation.
Room Size
System Overview
Music Preferences
classic rock, "jamband" type of modern music, blues, jazz, funk, disco, classical. you name it! I listen to mostly live music. Typically ambient recordings of bands from around the country. LOTS of Grateful Dead. (~);}
Room Description
living room. needs acoustic treatments. Lots of ring and echo where the speakers are. i'm sure i'm loosing detail here, yet i'm surprised how much detail I can still hear.
Listening Impressions
sometimes I can get holographic type imaging where sound is projected to a location in the room and not just floating in between the speakers.
Media Storage
NAS 500gb, mirrored.
Digital Source
Oppo 970hd
Analog Source
Thorens TD160 / Grado green cart (at moment)
Other Sources
optical feed from PC music server (24bit)
Signal Processors
Apogee mini DAC
Power Amp
Odyssey Stratos monoblocks
Martin Logan Sequal IIs
Sony SA-WX700
Speaker Cable
Hydra Audio shotguns
Hydra Audio RCAs
Power Cables
Hydra audio
Beyer DT-231 / Apogee miniDAC
Power Cond
Monster STH3500 MKII
Tuning and Tweaks
vibrapods on the oppo, TT on seperate oak table
Other Components
Korg MR1 deck, allowing me to listen to raw DSD recordings (all be it through crappy electronics). Still, it smokes my Oppo.