Country Croonin', a Two-channel Audio System by djbnh

ns-40 Accord Coupe Blue
Room Size
20 x 14 x 8
System Overview
Zu Omen Definitions driven by Niteshade Audio NS-40 plus Warpspeed Pre.
Music Preferences
I listen to it all. Blues, alt, rock, Celtic, electronic, classical, you name it. Lots of classical, 80s-90s on vinyl.
Room Description
Used strictly for audio.
Media Storage
IKEA For CDs = Besta plus slide out drawers; Benno towers. For vinyl = Expedit (one 4x2 unit atop a 2x2 unit) with drawer storage inserts on the bottom. Accessories: Expedit drawer inserts.
Digital Source
Denafrips Pontus II DAC; NuPrime CDT-10 transport
Analog Source
Rega P25/RB600 tonearm. J A Michell Tecno Weight, Denon DL-103R cartridge, upgraded subplatter/bearing. Rega sits on three Audio selection cones + discs, which sit on a 35 lb. marble slab, which sits on three German Physiks cones on ART Q dampers.
Warpspeed 12V battery powered pre; NAD1240 as phono preamp
Power Amp
Niteshade Audio NS-40 tubed amp; Triode Wire Labs 10 Plus PC
Zu Omen Definitions on Herbies Threaded Stud Gliders
Speaker Cable
Groneberg Quattro 5'
Grover Huffman ICs (between preamp/amp) - 1 pr; Groneberg TS Premium (between Pontus II and preamp); Groneberg Quattro - 2 pr. RnB Audio Black Diamond Reference mini IC for portable audio.
Power Cables
Triode Wire Lab 10 Plus; Chris VenHaus cryoed Flavor 1
Sennheiser HD650 with Stefan AudioArts Equinox Cable; AKG 701; Grado 325i; NAD1240 preamp as headamp
Ikea Norden occasional table. Granite and marble slabs, Vibrapods, A.R.T. Q-Dampers, carved corks as cable lifters.
Power Cond
Dedicated 20 amp lines
Tuning and Tweaks
J A Michell Tecno Weight; Herbie's Halo Dampers; Cardas RFI/EMI Protection Caps Signature RCA SS C; Walker SST contact enhancer; granite and marble slabs; Herbies Threaded Stud Gliders for speakers